Fred de Meulder B.V.

Mr. Fred. de Meulder started his own business as a grower in 1898. Due to his extensive knowledge of languages, he soon sold not only in the Netherlands but also in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. From 1901, Fred. de Meulder BV registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a grower and trader /exporter. Until 1984, the nursery belongs to the top 25 flower bulb growers in the Netherlands with premisses and land in North and South Holland. Due to the ongoing mechanization, De Meulder sold the tulip and hyacinth nursery in 1984.

However, growing dahlias has always remained! In 2021, De Meulder is growing Dahlia cuttings, Dahlia tubers, Dahlia Young plants and Dahlia Pot plants, particulary of the more than 145 “exclusive De Meulder” varieties. This is done at 3 different locations in the Bollenstreek (20-30 ha.), in North-Holland (6 ha.) and in the center of the Aalsmeer area (greenhouse of 6000 m2). Besides the wholesale department the nursery will become an increasingly important part of De Meulder. The prognosis and ambition is to increase to 50 ha. in the next 5 years. So back to the basics of 1898!